Finding Frauds in Binary Options and Forex Market

Quite a few scams and fraud schemes are occurring on the Internet within the foreign currency and binary options trading market. This post introduces you to some information about these frauds and ways to be safe.

United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the federal department that oversees commodity futures and options trading in North America, gives a warning to the general public to take special care to protect themselves from the several kinds of scams being done in the country’s stock markets, along with the so-called “foreign currency trading.”

A new act, the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, clarifies the CFTC has the jurisdiction and authority to probe, sue, and put an end to many of illegal outfits offering or selling foreign currency futures and options for the businessmen of America. Also, the CFTC has the right to shut down foreign exchange scams in its registered organizations and their associates.

The CFTC has witnessed an increasing number and increasing complexity of investment opportunities in the last few months, including troubling increase in Foreign money trade frauds. While much of the Forex trades is done legally, various different forms of Forex trading have been recognized in the recent years to deceive the unassuming consumer.

Online trading scams often get consumers via advertisements in various newspapers, TV channels, and various websites. These ads may publicize very high-return opportunities to invest in Forex and binary options, or highly paid Forex employment opps. The CFTC wants you to be thoughtful when Forex agents tell you that their services will make enormous profits with less chance of risks.

Get Information about Good Businesses in Forex and Binary Options

Normally, Forex futures and options contracts can be legitimately traded on an exchange or board of trade that has approval from CFTC.

Binary and currency trading can be made legal, generally speaking, if one party in the trade is an insurance company, a banking institution, a securities broker-dealer, a high-net-worth person, or a futures commission merchant.

Signs of Scam

If a company solicits you that claims to trade foreign exchange and tells you to deposit money for the business, be wary. Watch for these warning signals provided below, and do the various precautions before submitting your money with any Forex trading firm.

1. Be Wary of Business Opportunities That Seem Too Good to Be Correct

Make-money set-ups, with foreign currency trading, tend to be scam.

Don’t ever forget there is no such thing like a “free lunch.” Be especially cautious if you have acquired a large sum of money recently and are looking for a secure investment vehicle. Especially, retired people having their retirement payout may be attractive targets for fraudulent operators. Having the cash back if it is lost may be difficult if not impossible.

2. Stay Away From Companies that Guarantee Huge Profits

Be very cautious of businesses that predict high returns. In many cases, these claims tend to be wrong.

The following are instances of statements that are most probably fraudulent:

“Despite the market movement, in the Forex market you will definitely create a profit.”

“Profit $1000 per day, every day.”

“We are performing better than 90% of domestic investments.”

“The major benefit of the Forex markets is that there is no downside.”

“We promise you will get at least a 30-40% rate of return within two months.”

3. Be Careful About Companies That Promise No Financial Risk

Be suspicious of businesses that say there are no risks or acknowledge that documented risk details are routine formalities mandated by the financial governance.

The currency futures and options trading is risky and could carry big risks for inexperienced consumers. The foreign currency futures and options markets are not a business to put any money that are not supposed to spend. For example, the money you got when you retired may not be used for foreign exchange trading. You may lose most or all of those funds very quickly by trading Forex and binary futures or options contracts. For this reason, beware of companies that make the following types of statements:

“With $6000 investment, the maximum you may lose is $400 to $450a day, but you are sure to make twice as much!”

“We guarantee to get back any losses you have.”

“Your deposit is highly secure.”

4. Do not Trade on Margin If You Don’t Understand What It Means

Margin trading can make you responsible for losses that greatly exceed the dollar amount you deposited.

Many Forex consumers ask customers to deposit cash that they generally call “margin,” usually amounts in the range of $1,000 to $3,000. Nevertheless, these amounts, which are relatively tiny in the foreign exchange markets, actually control much larger cash reserves of trading, a truth that normally is not explained to people.

Don’t work on margin if you don’t fully understand what it entails and aren’t prepared to accept losses that exceed the margin cash you paid.

5. Ask Outfits, which Work With the “Interbank Market”

Beware of companies, which claim that you should trade in the “interbank market,” or that they will do so on your behalf.

Unregulated currency trading outfits generally tell normal customers that their deposits are traded in the “interbank market,” where amazing returns can be created. Firms that trade binary options in the interbank market, however, are usually regular banks, investment institutions, and large firms, since the term “interbank market” refers simply to a loosely held network of Forex transactions done between banking organizations and other major start-ups.

6. Be cautious about Sending Cash on the Internet, By Snail Mail, etc.

Be especially alert to the issues of trading on the Web; it is easy to deposit funds on-line, but generally could be impossible to get refund.

It costs a Web advertiser just pennies per day to get an audience of millions; fake currency and binary options trading institutions have got to the Web as a cheap and effective method to reach a huge pool of potential customers.

Many companies offering currency trading on the Web are not located within America and may not have an address or any other data to recognize their country on their Web site. Be aware that if you move funds to those foreign start-ups, it may be impossible to recuperate your funds.

7. Currency and binary options Scams normally Target Members of Ethnic Minorities

Some currency and binary options trading scams target customers in ethnic communities, particularly persons in the Chinese, Japanese, and Indian immigrant communities, through advertisements in ethnic dailies and TV “infomercials.”

Sometimes those promotions talk about “job opportunities” for “account executives” to trade in Forex. Understand that “account executives” hired are usually required to use their own cash for currency trading, and also to bring in their friends to do likewise. What appears as a promising job opportunity occasionally is one way a large number of of these institutions lure customers into their business.

8. Be Sure You Get Information About the Organization’s Track Record

Find out about the firm’s or agent’s business record from other customers. You should know, though that it may be quite difficult to do that, or to verify the information you gather. While companies and individuals need not provide this information, you should be wary about any person that provides you with incomplete info. Also, know that even if you are provided with a great brochure or modern-looking charts, the data they contain might be wrong.

9. Ignore Anyone Who Won’t Share Their History With You

Do a lot of research of the information you receive to make sure that the outfit indeed does as promised.

Get information of the management of the institution, if possible. Don’t rely only on not rely solely on the statements made by the organization’s personnel. Get all promises in writing.

If you cannot satisfy yourself that the organizations with whom you are dealing are completely legitimate, the wisest action is refraining from trading Forex through those outfits.

10. Warning Signals Of Commodity “Come-Ons”

If you are contacted by a outfit to trade in commodities, watch out for the warning signals here:

Avoid any business that promises or guarantees nice profits with only a little financial risk factors.

Be wary of methods to make you deposit cash fast to the firm, via overnight transfer means, the Web, or by mail.

Suspect emails and calls about investment, from foreign agents or outfits with which you are unfamiliar.


If you go by the various steps outlined in here, you will be able to avoid all scam operations in binary options and Forex trading market. Successful binary options trading is possible if you do your basic research.

Convertible Term Life Insurance Rates

Considering purchasing convertible term life insurance? How exactly does a convertible term life insurance policy work? Is it possible to find a cheap convertible term life insurance policy? These are all important questions to ask and to understand the answers to before you decide to make the important decision of which type of life insurance coverage to buy.

At the time of deciding what type of life insurance to buy, a person must know every single type offered in the market in order to truly make the best choice for their specific coverage needs. It is true that perhaps many companies simply refer to their policies as term or permanent life insurance, but a person must know that there is much more to that and such is the case of convertible term life insurance. In this article you will be able to know what convertible term is and the many things associated with this type of life insurance.

What Exactly Is Convertible Term Life Insurance?

Life insurance is perhaps easily understood because it simply is a contract between a person and an insurance company. The contract simply states that the person must pay monthly premiums for a certain period of time in exchange for a death benefit paid to the beneficiary in case of the insured’s death.

A term life insurance policy is simply a policy that will cover for a specific period of time, but with a convertible term life insurance policy you will have the ability to transform your policy from a temporary one to a permanent one.

What this means is that if you have a policy for 25 years and you have a convertible term life insurance policy, then you will be able to change the term policy into a whole, universal of variable life insurance policy (depending on the company).

Things To Know At The Time Of Purchasing Your Policy

Like any other product, there are a few things that a customer must know in order to make the convertible life insurance experience a successful one.

Health and Family History: At the time of applying for a policy, whether you are doing it online or in person at a local agency; make sure to have some general information about your medical history. Although companies have the right to access your files when you apply for a policy (with your permission that is), most of the times they will ask you questions about your health and family history. The more prepared you are to answer these questions, the easier the quoting process will be.

Amount and Duration of the Policy: You must also have an idea of how much life insurance you wish to buy at the particular time. The reason for this is that with term life insurance policies a person must choose an amount at the time of getting the policy. There are tools online or that the company has that will help you get the amount you will more than likely need. It is also important to understand that the particular amounts change from company to company. Also, make sure that you know the amount of time you want the policy to last. Some common ones include 15, 20, 25 and even 30 years.

The Beneficiary: Last but not least it is important to be completely certain of whom you want your beneficiary to be. The reason for this is that many people actually don’t know at the time of signing the policy and just put the first person in mind. However, many insurance companies are actually very strict when it comes to beneficiaries and they wont let a person make a change unless they fill out the appropriate paperwork. Nevertheless, it is important for a customer to know the company and their stand when it comes to particular beneficiary changes.

Lower Premiums Compared To Other Types Of Policies

Compared to many of the other types of policies, the convertible term life insurance policies give the customer a better choice. The reason for this is that a person will have the main option of converting the term life insurance to a permanent one or of simply letting the policy expire in their own hands. Having a term life insurance first also helps a lot, simply because term life insurance has lower premiums than a permanent life insurance policy.

The difference for these cheaper premiums is simply that with a term life insurance policy, the death benefit is not guaranteed to the beneficiary (particularly because the insured can still be alive at the end of the policy). Because of this reason, a person that chooses the option of having a convertible life insurance policy will have the great option of paying low premiums at first.

Medical Examinations

Another good thing about convertible term life insurance policies is that they allow a person to convert regardless of the medical condition and health of the insured. If the person in the policy chose the option of having a convertible term life insurance policy and they have paid premiums at the right time, then they have by law the right to extend their coverage if they choose to.

It is also important to highlight that this change in coverage must be made without the insured being forced to take a medical examination. The freedom of continuing the coverage regardless of everything and not having the chance of being denied might be the reasons why this insurance option is so popular nowadays.

No Premium Increases For Medical Problems

The last thing worth talking about when it comes to convertible life insurance policies is that at the time of changing your policy you cannot be charged any additional premium for any medical problems that you may have. It is important to highlight that I’m not referring to the fact that your premiums will not go up in value, because when converting from term to permanent there is always a chance of that. What I’m referring to is that at the time of converting your term life insurance to a permanent one by law you are protected against a raise in premium based on a medical condition.

No One Policy Is Right For Everyone

It is important to note that this type of plan is not for everyone, because some people just rather have a permanent policy right away or some others just want to be covered until they get retired. However, this might be exactly what some people are looking for simply because it starts as perhaps the low cost choice.

Compare Quotes To Find The Best Value

Compare the prices of regular life insurance quotes against the prices of convertible term life insurance quotes to find the best value. If you want the freedom of having a term policy and being able to convert it in the near future to a permanent life insurance plan that covers you for life then go ahead and start shopping around for your convertible life insurance plan!

The Best Business Online

We often receive e-mails about the best business online ever created and if we don’t seize the opportunity right away we are basically not worth to be in the industry. Therefore, every single opportunity that we receive is the best business online. Many of us have actually believed such claims and tried some of these so called opportunities. If we want to look at the bright side we would say that the lost money is the price we are paying to gain more experience. Some would say that those claims were just hype.

The question that forces itself to be asked here would be; is there such a thing called the best business online? If so, what are the criteria that would make a business better than another, and therefore, what makes a business to be the best business online?

All questions will have to be answered only if the answer to the first question was positive. If the answer to the first question was negative then we don’t need to bother about answering the remaining questions.

In short, I don’t believe that there is such a thing as the best business online. Let’s take a look at the offline marketplace. A good business idea depends on factors such as competition in the industry in question, market size…etc. But we don’t see a huge industry in the offline marketplace that basically concentrates on building a downline. The offline marketplace concentrates on producing and selling products and services.

Business Online went astray from the concept and concentrated on building organizations of marketers without paying any attention to products and services. It went to the point that people are paying money for absolutely nothing. Business online should get back to the main track of producing and selling.

The beautiful thing about establishing a business online, is that you can create any business you want either with your own products/services or other people’s. The trick in online business is visibility and how to make your target market find you without you having to spend a fortune. This is of course the quest of every person who has a business online, but it is not the purpose of this article.

Therefore, similar to the fact that the best business offline does not exist, the best business online is a myth. It is an illusion that will lead any one who is interested in creating a business online to fail before even starting.

All that has been said about the best business online should not be confused with business opportunities that exist in the online marketplace. Similar to the offline marketplace, the online marketplace is full of opportunities. The purpose of this article is to show that there is nothing called “The best business online,” but it will be a huge mistake to interpret this article as trying to show that there are no opportunities in the online business marketplace. There are actually sites dedicated to helping people find the best business online that would suit their skills, needs, interests.

What we are trying to show in this article that there is no such thing as the best business online in absolute terms. Such a term is only used for hype and has no real substance in it. Therefore, so as to have an objective eye when studying opportunities online, try to classify those opportunities in the following manner:

1- A hyped message with a hyped opportunity

2- A hyped message with a sound opportunity

3- A sound message with hyped opportunity

4- A sound message with a sound opportunity

It is obvious that the advice would be not to even consider the first type. The second type is very tricky as you need to strip all the hype from the message to realize that the copywriter made a huge mistake by hyping the message while the opportunity is solid enough to sell itself.

The third business online type is also tricky, usually it is marketed by someone new in the online business, who is genuine but believed the hyped claims of the first type and now he/she is trying to market it.

The fourth is a business that we should consider seriously. I said consider and not jump into it because we need to study if it suits our skills, needs, aspirations, interests…etc.

Finally, the best business online does not exist in absolute terms. It becomes as such only if it fits you and you were able to reap its benefits because you have the skills to do so.

The Life Insurance Quote Business is Booming, but is the Insurance Quote Accurate?

The life insurance quote business online is booming. Not only are life insurance agents quoting a more diverse portfolio of companies, but consumers are also now able to quote life insurance online for themselves. In this article, I will analyze the impact of the life insurance online quote on the insurance industry, the insurance broker, and the consumer looking for insurance.

In the not so distant past, life insurance was sold, not bought. The typical agent would travel door to door, network locally, and perhaps meet with potential policyholders for dinner at their home. The “debit” agent was also a common profession. These agents would actually go to their clients and collect the premium on a weekly basis. The life insurance quote came from a person back then, not a computer.

These days, consumers can go online for a life insurance quote. The ability to readily compare the cost of life insurance among hundreds of life insurance companies has dramatically changed the environment.

The biggest impact to the insurance industry is the fact that the cost of coverage has decreased significantly. This is good for the client, but is in effect shutting smaller companies down as the claims to revenue ratio is converging.

Another impact is the fact that when consumers get an online life insurance quote, they are rarely coached as to what is the better deal for them. Often times, term life insurance is the only product that they are offered. The customer is not being told about the advantages of whole life insurance or the flexibility of universal life insurance…they are often just given a term life insurance quote as requested. The life insurance agent of past would have talked to the client and done some fact finding before selling them something that may not fit their particular situation.

The online Life Insurance Quote industry has also affected the independent insurance broker. Often times, the local broker is not trusted with the quote because the consumer has gone online and gotten a cheaper quote from an online quote service. Misquotes are usually the result of the lack of fact finding on the part of the online insurance quote companies. Customers would be much better off dealing with a licensed life insurance agent (who can broker any company out there; whatever suits the customer best) for their life insurance quotes.

So the next time you go online looking for the best term life insurance rate, consider that you may be making a mistake by dealing with a “call center”. Consider that the life insurance quote that you are receiving is only from the companies that they carry. Consider calling on an independent life insurance broker for your term, whole life, and universal life insurance needs and information.

Promote Your Business Online With Techniques That Will Boost Your Sales and Profits

If you own or manage a small business, what do YOU do to promote your business online with a focus on using the internet to generate sales or sales enquiries?

When I ask this question to business owners and managers, the most common answer I get is “we have a website”. Perhaps your answer to the question is similar.

So how much does your website contribute to your sales? What else do you do to promote your business online with success?

In the past, simply having a website was the perceived pinnacle of modern business marketing. Not anymore. The internet offers a massive world of opportunity for your business, and if you aren’t maximizing the opportunity then you are losing a fortune in lost profits. But YOU have to MAKE it happen – if you develop the know-how then you can promote your business online with techniques that will skyrocket your business opportunities.

Here are four very practical ways to promote your business online with techniques that will have a hugely positive impact on your business sales and profits.

ARTICLE MARKETING is a great way to establish your business credibility on the internet, and it’s a FREE way to promote your business online with great potential to make lots of profit.

How does article marketing it work? Well you already have expert knowledge in your own area of business, and people use the internet to search for information about things they need or want. So you write an informative article about something related to your business, and when someone reads your article because it relates to their problem or need then you direct them to your website to “find out more”. Online article marketing can be massively successful.

The second way to promote your business online with effectiveness is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION(SEO), which is another way to get free visitors to your website.

So what is SEO? It is the process of getting your website ready to be listed well in search engines. Several factors are involved in making a site search engine friendly including the design and content of the site, Meta tags and Link Popularity.

SEO has been around since the inception of search engines, and can be an effective way to promote your business online with good results for those who succeed in getting listed high in the search engines.

The third way to promote your business online with great potential returns is PAY PER CLICK Advertising (PPC). Pay per click enables you to reach people instantly who have a direct interest in what you are offering, in a way that was never possible before.

Imagine advertising in a magazine where you only pay for the people who actually read your advert. Well that’s how PPC works, you only pay for those people who actually read your advertisement, and you are able to measure exactly the effectiveness of your PPC advertising. So if you pay $10 per day in PPC advertising, and you earn $20 per day profits, then that sounds like a good business proposition.

PPC advertising has the potential to generate huge profits for your business.

The fourth very practical way is to promote your business online with EMAIL MARKETING. I am astonished at how many businesses neglect this easiest way to keep in touch with customers and potential customers on a regular basis.

I am NOT talking about spam emails, you need to get people’s permission and build an opt-in list. There are different ways to do this, and it enables you to send valuable information, promotions, reviews etc – it is such an easy way to promote your business online with email opt-in lists.

If you are running your own small business then you have my utmost admiration for having the courage to be an entrepreneur. I fully understand the challenge you face in balancing your time, resources and money when it comes to marketing your business.

This article gives some ideas based on what works in practice – as opposed to theory. To try and implement all four techniques at once is not what I recommend, better to learn and perfect one technique at a time. That is likely to be much more achievable for a small business, and much more successful.